Message from the President of La Salle PJ Alumni Association

Cason Ong
La Salle PJ Alumni Association

Hello to all fellow Lasallians near and far,

Firstly, let me express my sincere gratitude to the outgoing President, Nantha Kumar and his Board for the excellent stewardship of the Alumni body during his four-year tenure.

During this period, the school has seen many positive changes both physically and intellectually in its students. The Alumni strongly supported  the school management, teachers, PIBG and the student body through the sponsorship of activities both internal and external.

The Donohue Academy of Sports, for one, was very successful in nurturing our boys to become excellent sportsmen in games like soccer, hockey, basketball, badminton, table tennis and athletics, to bring back the glory days of yesteryear.

The DESP program too (Direct Educational Services for the Poor) did help our poorer and weaker students to improve on their nutrition and food intake by funding their meals in school. We also helped in providing school uniforms and writing materials too. As for those who needed extra tutoring for their weaker subjects, we reached out to our Alumni body and several of our Alumnus were generous in their time and came forward and provided coaching and tutoring sessions. Mentoring to senior students who will be sitting for their SPM is also provided via motivational and career talks to broaden their view of post-SPM options either towards furthering their studies or in commencing a working life career.

As the incoming President, I promise to continue to support all these programs. We shall also continue to look into the school’s infrastructure improvement needs to see what assistance can be given to facilitate and execute these initiatives. Since the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, we have had to put on hold some of the planned activities as new norms were introduced that were necessary to ensure the safety of the entire school body. Hopefully, these activities can resume and be revived in 2021.

Hopefully and god-willing, 2021 will be a better and more productive year. Together with all my colleagues in the committee, I also look forward to all the support and help from our Alumni brothers and sisters, to enhance the stature of our beloved school, and to make it once again, one of the best in PJ as it was in yesteryears. 


Cheer, Cheer and Courage Display!