Message from the President of La Salle PJ Alumni Association

Nantha Kumar V
La Salle PJ Alumni Association

Dear Lasallians,

It is our days spent in school that hold the most significant memories for us. These are the formative years that serve as the foundation to make us the men and women we become.

Growing up in a Lasallian school as we all did, provided us distinctive experiences that have been ingrained as a set of values and a world view that enable us to stand apart from the rest. This includes a natural tendency to appreciate the bonds of respect and fellowship of all members of our community. Certainly, these values have instilled in us a keener sense of social impact that gave us an edge in our personal careers as well as in the building our families.

The deeply set friendships that were formed by the camaraderie of our school days have developed a community of friends with bonds that last a lifetime.

The Alumni body serves as the conduit to bring us all together as a single united body of graduates of La Salle PJ – both the schools wings, Primary and Secondary.

Since its inception in 1959, the pioneer batch of school boys of La Salle PJ graduated from the school 50 years ago in 1966. Thousands of boys have walked their path every year since then. In 2019, the School will mark another historic milestone as we commemorate her…