The Boy Scouts of La Salle PJ, which is the 12th Petaling Troop under the Scouts Association’s naming nomenclature, has a long history.

Every year eager young boys join the School’s Troop to experience a schooling life with a sense of adventure, learning new skills as well as being ready to serve their community.

Always living up to the motto of the Boy Scouts movement, which is to “BE PREPARED”.

On 28 July, the new recruits of 2018 had completed their tenure of training and successfully achieved the badge after passing the tests, to be sworn in as full fledged Boy Scouts.

Officiating this Investiture Ceremony was Principal Pn BH Teo. She was joined by Sr Asst (Co-curriculum), Puan Arpah Azam.

Also in attendance was Deputy President of the Alumni Association, Cason Ong (Class of 1986), who himself was one of the leaders of the Troop during his school days. Today, Cason is an Advisor Scouter of the 12th Petaling Troop.

Our Heartiest Congratulations to the new recruits who completed their investiture to graduate as Boy Scouts.

Cheer Cheer and Courage Display!

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