Take a pat on the back Old Boys of La Salle PJ….

The School was placed First – deemed to be the Best among Schools in Petaling Jaya, by the Petaling District Education Department, for Student Counseling and Mentoring.
Congratulations to the Principal, the School Counselors and Teachers. Also – this is a big pat on the back for all the Old Boys of La Salle PJ. Thank you for supporting the collaborative efforts by the Alumni Association in partnering the School Administration to plan and implement the many programs that were succesfully implemented over the past year.

Principal Puan BH Teo has recorded her appreciation to the Alumni for all the efforts and contributions to support the school in lifting up the boys. According to her, the Award is a testimony of the strong partnership between the school administration and the alumni body.

The dedicated efforts, the time and energy contributed by our Alumni brethren to share with our young Lasallians in school today, truly bring to life the meaning of our motto…

Sapientia et Caritas
Wisdom and Love


first place

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